Marketing and Sales Services

Growing your brand equity and sales in this Digital Age.

Marketing and Sales are catalyst and lifeline for local and international business growth and survival. The digital age has revolutionized traditional marketing and sales. The pandemic has forced businesses to change or be changed. The dynamic of market and the world we live in requires businesses to be agile and quickly adapt to these changes while preserving your identity, values and history. We believe in adopting balance and personalize approach in building effective marketing and sales strategy to suit different types of products and services, industries, target markets and the environment relevant to the current state and time we live in.

We help our clients adapt to this changes and implement vital aspects of marketing and sales from strategy to operations. As we navigate through this challenging times, many businesses were affected and should take this as a wake up call to change and continue to innovate, redefine their business model to stay relevant and adopt new approaches toward marketing and sales by leveraging on digitization while preserving your history and identity.

Our marketing and sales support covers important areas to facilitate and support you through this transformational growth.

  • Branding Strategy: Establish brands/building foundation and product sales
  • Target Market Research & Insight: Market Research, Marketing Strategy, Implementation and control. Identify your target market and insight to the type of customers. Market Intelligence, Insight and market expert suggestion
  • Defining/Redefining your Value Preposition
  • Market Positioning
  • Digital Marketing, Establish your Portfolio and Collection catalogue.
  • Business Process Analysis.
  • Identify the right Mode of Entry to reach target audience.
  • Mode of Advertising, Events, and International publications
  • Pricing Strategy and Mechanism in line with Project Budget. Established the right and fair price
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Marketing Return on Investment
  • Organization & Capabilities
  • Sales & Channel Management
  • Marketing Mix. Develop a cost effective marketing mix component

Companies must envisage the new normal in consumer marketing and sales approaches, because we are not going back to pre-pandemic era.