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Phase 1: Information & Diagnostic

Assess the international potential of an SME. The main aim is assessing the international potential and knowing your company.

Phase 2: Market Analysis & Choice

Market research and market choice. The main aim is deepening the market assessment and choosing where to go.

Phase 3: Training, Support & Coaching

Training, Information and Coaching to acquire the relevant skills to implement Internationalisation process. The aim is to acquire the relevant skills to implement the strategy and having dedicated contact person or team for the project.

Phase 4: Strategy including Business Planning and Finance

Decide on strategic (export) plan. Define the business model, through a proper business plan. Find the financial resources to go global. Take advantage of any support incentive program and scheme available.

Phase 5: Going International

Support in finding best fit for your business and products. The main aim is going to the target market to “touch” the concrete possibilities of the plan.

Phase 6: Follow Up

Secure success with follow up advice, etc. The main aim is to secure success with follow up activities.

Phase 7: Export Now

How to export: from quotation to shipment.