We partner with our clients at every step of the way. Global Management Consulting



  • Supporting Internationalization projects and Cross-Border Trade Expansion. B2B collaboration initiatives. Global Sourcing and Scouting.

Marketing & Sales

  • Provide Marketing & Sales support including new market penetration, product strategies, sales force and more.

Business Support

  • Providing dedicated business and managerial support to companies and private clients globally. Contact us for more detail.
  • We specialize in Made-in-Italy export and facilitate buying functions for your company. From luxury retail to technology, our clients come from diverse sectors of the industry and sizes. We are result oriented with the most competitive pricing in the market.

  • We provide consulting and assistance to enterprises in their internationalization venture including conducting market research, scouting & buying, marketing sales force, negotiation to final deal closure stages to help you establish successful B2B partnership and JV agreement.

  • We provide business development support both locally and internationally. We support cross-border economic expansion and help increase your company’s footprint to capture new market share both in the local and international market by leveraging your competitive advantages and core competencies.